My Year Of Living Vintagely — Out with the new, and in with the old

"Old is the new New"

Welcome to my year of living vintagely. My first new year that's ‘out with the new and in with the old’'.

So, what's it all about?  Briefly, it's an account of one household's quest to become less 'consumerist'; less wasteful; more resourceful; more creative and to use what already exists rather than buying new 'stuff' needlessly. 

This website will chart my journey.  Through blogs, articles, events, recipes and hints & tips I’ll be sharing the journey and hopefully inspiring others to try out different ways of living and shopping.

This 'year of living vintagely' is going to involve a radical lifestyle shift.  No more supermarkets or identikit, multi-national chain stores, no more buying anything ‘new’ if an alternative exists.  Instead it will be shopping locally and in independent stores;  re-using, upcycling and downcycling; swishing; growing my own produce; making my own stuff; baking; sewing, knitting and getting in tune with the seasons for recipes.

I’ve no idea where this year will lead.  I might decide it’s all too difficult and return to my previous habits when the year is done; or become a complete pain in the ass hippy and forsake all mod cons.  Let's hope it's neither extreme, but am rather excited, as I start this little adventure, as to where it may end up.

So, please, feel free to dig in, have a peek around the site.  It will grow continually over the weeks and months ahead. And please do get in touch if you have comments, ideas, suggestions, events to promote, or anything else that could be useful in a vintage inspired way.

For starters, here are the top five best read blog posts:

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